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Club Sports vs Div 1 Sports

Category Club Sports NCAA Division 1 Sports
Qualifications - Pre-University

Acceptance into the University


Acceptance into the University

Usually a few good years in a High School Varsity Sports Program

Clearance through the NCAA Clearinghouse

Practices 2-3 practices a week for most teams

Maximum 4 hours a day and 20 hours per week

May also require lifting hours and other various team meetings/activities


All of our programs are involved in their respective

leagues. Each league allows the teams to

compete for a conference championship or a

potential National Championship.

Most of SHU's Division 1 programs are members of the NEC (Northeast

Conference). There are post-seasons for all of the programs which 

could lead to NCAA National Tournaments.

Games Most teams will have about 6-10 in a season

Depending on the sport, most teams will have a full schedule between

11-15 games plus non-conference games.

Common Opponents

Boston College, Yale, Fairfield, UConn, Brown,

UMass, Boston University, Columbia, Hofstra,


Quinnipiac, Fairfield, FDU, Wagner, LIU: Brooklyn, St Francis (NY), 

St Francis (PA), Monmouth, CCSU, Bryant, Mount St. Mary's


The Club Sports Department does not have roster

limits for most sports, which makes it easy to get


Some teams may have a travel roster to make the

team more manageable/competitive. 

NCAA requirements set roster limits on each of the teams we have.

While the NCAA will have specific offseason

practices/workouts tailored to the sport, the club 

sports offseason can be related more to High

School athletics. Practices/games resume the

following semester or the following academic year

depending on the sport. This allows multiple sport

athletes, similar to high school.

NCAA Teams take a few weeks off after their season ends and then

begin to practice during the off-season to prepare for the following one.

The off-season schedule is usually lighter than the in-season schedule

but there is no extended break from practicing.

Support Services

Athletic Training

Club Sports Offices

Student Mentors

Academic Advisors


Study Hall Hours

Athletic Training

Student Mentors

Academic Advisors

Team Mentors

Team Study Hall


Athletics Department

Sacred Heart University offers a wide variety of competitive club sports for the undergraduate student body. Whether you want to continue to play a sports you playing in high school or learn a new skill, the Club Sports Department is the place for you! These teams provide a great opportunity to become in volved with all Sacred Heart has to offer. By joining one of these competitive club teams, you will be able to compete against other schools and universities, learn a new sport, improve your athletic ability or just make new friends.