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 Definition of a Club Sport:

A club sport is an on campus organization that does not compete on the Division I level but must compete against one non-Sacred Heart affiliated team throughout the academic year. Club sports will provide an environment for students to actively compete in a wide variety of sports, many which are not offered on the Division I level. The purpose of these sports is to enhance the opportunities and experiences of Sacred Heart University students.

 Team Requirements:

  1. Each team must designate a President, Vice President, Secretary/Game Report, Treasurer, Captain and Alternate Captain and a Club Sports Council (CSC) Rep.
  2. Teams must actively compete against other non-Sacred Heart affiliated teams.
  3. Each team is expected to practice prior to their first competition and throughout their designated season.
  4. Each team will be assigned dues per player and will be required to fundraise
  5. Every team member is responsible for the actions of the team as a whole entity, specifically when practicing or competing at an off-campus location.  All teams must be in good standing with Sacred Heart University in order to compete.
  6. Each team will be required to file a report after each match, competition and/or game and will also be required to fill out end of the year reports.
  7. Each team will be required to go through an Orientation in the beginning of the year. This Orientation will include athletic training, equipment use, expectations and policy and procedures.
  8. Each team must send at least the President, Vice President, Captain and 3 other team members to the annual Leadership Conference.
  9. Each team must complete at least one community service event each academic year.


Membership to a Club Sport

Every member of the club sport must be an undergraduate student of Sacred Heart University. Each member must pay dues for the sports that they participate in and these generally cover many of the expenses that the club sport will incur. In addition the following forms need to be filled out and completed before participation in a practice, game or competition.

Officer Requirements:


The President will serve as the student liaison between their team and the Club Sports office. They will be responsible for ensuring that each individual has all the necessary forms handed into the Club Sports office, having the roster form completed during September of the academic year and will also be responsible for any events that take place off the field. The President of each team will be required to attend at least 2 Club Sport President Meetings per semester.

Vice President:

The Vice President will assist the President in all of his/her duties and in the absence of the President the Vice President will be responsible for the necessary forms and other duties required by the Club Sports office. The Vice President will also be responsible for any duties assigned by the President.

Secretary/Game Reporter:

The Secretary/Game Reporter will be responsible for taking minutes at club meetings and maintaining the history of team throughout the academic year. This position also requires the individual to fill out a Game Report form after each game, match, tournament or competition. This is to ensure that the website is easy to maintain and as up to date as possible. The Secretary/Game Reporter will also be responsible for any duties assigned by the President.


 The Treasurer will be responsible for keeping an up to date budget for their respective sport. They will also be responsible for handing in any necessary paperwork to the Club Sports office, such as purchase requisitions, reimbursements or cash advances. The Treasurer will also be responsible for any duties assigned by the President.



The responsibilities of a Captain are not limited to but include coordinating practice times with the Club Sports office, making game time decisions for the “good of the team”, working closely with the coaches or instructors and will also assist when a visiting team plays at Sacred Heart University.

Alternate Captain:

The Alternate Captain will serve as an assistant to the Captain and will also be responsible for the Captains duties if the Captain is not available or cannot fully complete a task.

Club Sports Council Representative:

The CSC Representative will be required to attend a monthly meeting in which they will represent their respective sport. At this meeting any issues that clubs are having will be discussed such as practice times, facilities, games, etc. In addition any changes that are being made by the Club Sports Office will be discussed at that time.

Club Sports Council:

The Club Sports Council is made up of one representative from each team with a goal to unify all club sport teams and athletes. The CSC will meet once a month and discuss issues ranging practice times, games, facilities and equipment. The CSC will also develop and complete projects that benefit the good of all club sport organizations.


Each sport will be required to have either a coach or an instructor who will supervise and oversee practices, games, matches and/or competitions. This individual must interview with the Director of Club Sports and must be approved by the Club Sports office prior to coaching or instructing. The coach/instructor cannot be a current Sacred Heart undergraduate student.  In addition the coach/instructor must sign a coaching agreement which states the requirements and expectations of a coach/instructor.

Coaching Sessions:

Throughout the academic year, training sessions will be offered, by the Club Sports Office Staff, to help assist coaches with the orientation needs of club sport teams.  These sessions will cover various topics including: team management/leadership, facility coordination, and risk management.  Although each session will cover a specific topic, the format will be more like that of a roundtable discussion.  All coaches are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions. 


Club Sports Department Administration

Director of Club Sports:

The Director of Club Sports will oversee the development and implementation of all club sports. The Director will be responsible for the hiring of each sports coach/instructor and will work with the coach/instructor and the President of the sport in all matters pertaining to the sport which includes but not limited to scheduling, budgeting, purchasing, fundraising, practice times and equipment.

Athletic Trainer:

There will be an Athletic Trainer who is solely dedicated to club sports. This Athletic Trainer will educate club sport athletes on injury prevention and give the necessary treatment to those athletes who have a sustained an injury while playing or practicing their respective sport. The trainer will hold hours in the athletic training room in the bottom floor of the Bobby Valentine Health and Recreation Center and will also be setting up appointments for students who need treatment. Some injuries may be outsourced to a physical therapist or hospital in the event that it is deemed necessary by the athletic trainer.

Graduate Assistant for Club Sports:

The Graduate Assistant for Club Sports will assist and add support in all matter that the Director of Club Sports deems necessary. The Graduate Assistant will be responsible for keeping all material and statistics up to date on the Sacred Heart University website.


Important Information:


Any request for purchases must be made through the Club Sports Office.  Any items that do not have approval before purchasing are subject to not receiving a reimbursement for the item. Most budgets are set based on a strict set of guidelines therefore the individual who purchases the item may be responsible for 100% of cost.


All club sports must complete at least one fundraising during the academic year. This fundraiser must be approved by both the Club Sports Office and the Student Life Office. There are many good fundraising options that teams can perform and the money raised by the team will go directly to enhance the respective team.

Practice Times:

Practice times for each sport will be determined by the Club Sports Office and the coach/instructor of the respective sport. Due to limited space and time there will be multiple practice locations and times.


All transportation done by teams must be accompanied with a waiver form from the team members and a transportation itinerary form.  These forms MUST be completed 2 weeks in advance of any away match and handed in to the Graduate Assistant.  Teams with rosters over 25 players must rent a bus to travel to all games/events.  Teams planning to travel over 150 miles to their event must also rent a bus for their travel.  All transportation funding will be provided by the team through either their budget or fundraising efforts.  Teams that are less than 25 members and travelling under 150 miles have the option to drive themselves to their event.  Once again, all travel will not be reimbursed from the Club Sports Department.

Hazing Policy:

Hazing in any form is prohibited at Sacred Heart University.  Sacred Heart defines hazing as any action taken or situation created on or off campus, which recklessly or intentionally produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. The Department of Club Sports at Sacred Heart University has a "zero tolerance" policy in regard to hazing. As such, the department supports only those activities which are constructive, educational, inspirational, and that contribute to the intellectual and personal development of students. SHU interprets hazing as any act whether physical, mental, emotional, or psychological, which subjects another person,voluntarily or involuntarily, to anything that may abuse, mistreat, degrade, humiliate, harass, or intimidate him/her, or compels another member to participate in any activity which is against university policy or state/federal law.

Violations of this policy include, but are not limited to, departmental or University probation, suspension from the team and/or the University; expulsion from the team and/or University. In addition, the team may be subject to group discipline that can include, but is not limited to, team probation, cancellation of individual contests, and/or cancellation of the entire season.

Bobby Valentine Health and Recreation Center Athletic Training Room Rules and Regulations for Club Sports

 The Athletic Training room rules and regulations are as follows for student-athletes, Student Athletic Training Students, and Certified Athletic Trainers. These rules and regulations should be followed at all times. Any individual in violation of any rule or regulation will be reprimanded on an individual basis through discussion with Coach, Supervisor, Head Athletic Trainer of Club Sports, Varsity Head Athletic Trainer, Associate Head Athletic Trainer, Club Sports Program Director and/or Athletic Administration.

  • Club sport athletes are not permitted in the athletic training room (ATR) unless the club sports athletic trainer is present! (We are guests in the ATR and should be privileged that we are allowed to utilize the facility)
  • Food, gum, candy or beverages are not permitted (as per OSHA Standards)
  • Student-athletes must be showered, dry and fully dressed in clean clothing for any and all treatments (as per CT Health Department Standard)
  • Locker rooms are to be used to shower, change and store bags, equipment and personal items
  • Smokeless tobacco is not permitted
  • Energy drinks are not permitted
  • Refrain from profanity
  • Refrain from horseplay
  • Loitering is not permitted
  • Shoes, cleats, turf shoes are not permitted
  • Refrain from cell phones use
  • Headphones must be used with radios/laptops.
  • Laptop computers are allowed for academic work only.
  • No taping will be done unless the athlete is adhering to proper treatment/rehabilitation
  • Only designated tape-ends should be distributed to athletes
  • Athletes are released from treatment/rehabilitation when told by a Staff ATC
  • Please be prompt and show respect for other student-athletes, athletic training students, Certified Athletic Trainer staff, etc.
  • Negative behavior, public outbursts, antagonism, aggression and/or belligerent behavior will not be tolerated and will result in the individual being asked to leave the premises


 Student-athlete’s in need of transportation to MD/referral appointments should use personal vehicles. If the individual does not have a car on campus, he/she should seek a ride from a roommate or teammate, coach or friend. Transportation provided by the athletic training staff will not be provided. Only if absolutely necessary and at the discretion of the athletic training staff will transportation be provided


 All equipment and other non-expendable supplies given to you for use by the Athletic Trainer are to be returned after use. If not returned you will be charged for the supplies.

Rehabilitation Appointments

 Rehab/treatment appointments can be made with the Athletic Trainer if the athletic trainer sees fit. If the AT feels that you may require further care you may be referred to a physical therapy service in town. General treatment times and sign-ups will be posted as needed.

 Return to Participation Following Injury

 All student-athletes who are severely injured during a game or practice must be cleared by the Head Athletic Trainer of Club Sports in order to return to participation. Coaches are not allowed to return an athlete to play. As an athlete you must understand your limits and know the difference between being hurt and injured. Minor first-aid does not warrant clearance.

Club Sports Insurance Coverage

 Sacred Heart University provides excess insurance coverage to protect all of our intercollegiate athletes against medical claims from accidental injury during your participation in all school sponsored and supervised athletic events, whether at our home field of play or away. This coverage is administered by claims payer Bob McCloskey Insurance. Any changes to this policy will be available on our website at the beginning of the fall academic semester. Please share this information between parent/guardian and student-athlete. All parties need to understand the benefits of this policy as well as the claim administration process.

This coverage allows for $25,000 medical maximum per injury sustained while practicing or playing a club sport at Sacred Heart University. There is a 12 month benefit period from the date of an injury in which claims can be submitted. There are some restrictions to the coverage and it is to be used as a secondary coverage while your primary coverage will take precedent.

All students must have all of their proper forms handed into the Club Sports Athletic Trainer and be cleared to participate in order to be get the necessary coverage.