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How to Join a Club Sport

How to Join a Club Sport


Are you interested in playing a Club Sport? You're in the right place! Whether you're more of a competitive or recreational athlete, we encourage all students to sign-up. Follow these 4 simple steps to register:


Step 1: Register online at

Step 2: Fill out all medical forms - these can only be accessed once signed up on do sports easy

Step 3: Submit medical forms online through the SportsWare website (


If you have any issues with this, please visit us downstairs in the Pitt Center or contact any of our athletic trainers for assistance!

Please have patience with the website! Our athletic trainers have to pass you through the system before you upload any of the forms to the website.


Step 4: Play a Club Sport!


For more information look out for us at orientation and keep an eye out for e-mails. Within the first 2 weeks of the semester our office will host interest meetings for each club individually. At these meetings you will get the chance to meet the captains/coaches, receive the practice schedule, and learn more about the club. All interested are encouraged to attend!