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Spirit Squad added as Newest Club Sport

Spirit Squad added as Newest Club Sport

Fairfield, CT – Director of Club Sports Ray Mencio and Sport Administrator Judy Ann Riccio announced today that the Club Sports department will be adding the Spirit Squad for this upcoming 2019-2020 season. The squad will not compete in competitions, but instead will be present at varsity hockey home games as well as the club football home games. “I’m very excited about the addition of a Spirit Squad to Sacred Heart next fall.” Director of Club Sports Mencio said, “It gives students the opportunity to support our varsity sports , club sports teams and other SHU programs as well as our community.”

The new team will be under the Club Sports department, which will differ from the varsity cheerleading red and white squads, and will have new coaches. Alyssa Varnum and Mikayla Riskin were named coaches for the inaugural squad. “We are lucky to have both Mikayla and Alyssa leading the squad next year. They compliment each other well and will serve as great role models for our students.” Said Mencio. Judy Ann Riccio, the D1 Cheerleading Sport Administrator, is excited for the new team to debut. “Spirit squad adds another level to our already robust cheerleading program.” Riccio continued, “It will require less of a commitment than our varsity program, with the spirit squad athletes having the ability to comnbine with participation in other activities.” The team will fall under the club sports department, as previously mentioned, and will abide by the club sport rules. The team will practice 2-3 times per week while also cheering at both games.

“Spirit squad athletes will have the chance to learn and advance their tumbling and stunting skills if they so choose. However, tumbling and stunting is not required for spirit squad, the only requirement is to bring your enthusiasm for cheering on Pioneer athletics.” Riccio explained  that the team will not compete, but will allow for beginners to make the squad and advance techniques to try out for the varsity team if they so choose. “We encourage  anyone with a background in cheer, dance or gymnastics to join or anyone who wants to try something new,” said Mencio.

The coaches will announce tryouts at a later date. Please check all social media and our club sport website for any updated information.