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Club Gymnastics Roster 2018-2019

Sydney Abate full bio Sydney Abate Class: Freshman Event:  
Alyssa Alchimio full bio Alyssa Alchimio Class: Sophomore Event:  
Allison Bertolozzi full bio Allison Bertolozzi Class: Junior Event:  
Brielle Ciccio full bio Brielle Ciccio Class: Sophomore Event:  
Samantha Depew full bio Samantha Depew Class: Sophomore Event:  
Grace Fleishman full bio Grace Fleishman Class: Freshman Event:  
Noelle Frederick full bio Noelle Frederick Class: Sophomore Event:  
Kaly Houston full bio Kaly Houston Class: Sophomore Event:  
Emily Moore full bio Emily Moore Class: Freshman Event:  
Bridget Nolan full bio Bridget Nolan Class: Senior Event:  
Emily Petro full bio Emily Petro Class: Sophomore Event:  
Hannah Rennie full bio Hannah Rennie Class: Senior Event:  
Catherine Rossi full bio Catherine Rossi Class: Freshman Event:  
Angela Salvatore full bio Angela Salvatore Class: Junior Event:  
Caroline Sordello full bio Caroline Sordello Class: Sophomore Event: