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Club Sailing Roster 2018-2019

Kelsey Black full bio Kelsey Black Class: Sophomore
Julia Caiazzo full bio Julia Caiazzo Class: Senior
Thomas Coughlin full bio Thomas Coughlin Class: Junior
Corey Giarrusso full bio Corey Giarrusso Class: Sophomore
Liz Grosso full bio Liz Grosso Class: Junior
Brian Hayes full bio Brian Hayes Class: Sophomore
Graham Hughes full bio Graham Hughes Class: Junior
Kayla Kanakry full bio Kayla Kanakry Class: Junior
Dionna Mangione full bio Dionna Mangione Class: Junior
Liam McGinley full bio Liam McGinley Class: Freshman
Cat Rizzo full bio Cat Rizzo Class: Junior
Kaylee Sanford full bio Kaylee Sanford Class: Sophomore
Laura Scheideler full bio Laura Scheideler Class: Junior
Wynn Simmons full bio Wynn Simmons Class: Sophomore